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Travel Info

Are you traveling?  Can’t make it to the Region 6 Rally, your Unit Rally or any other function. Wondering where to go to next?  A new feature is the International Calendar. This calendar shows all of the Google entries made on the Unit, Region, and International  level. There might be a Rally, luncheon, or caravan you may be interested in attending while traveling.  The following link is where you go to see this information.  This link is on all websites in our Region 6.


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Welcome!  To our first time viewers, we have eleven units in our region, from  the central time zone of Florida to the Arkansas hills.  Mississippi’s delta area to the plains of Alabama.  Tennessee’s  beautiful  landscape to Louisiana’s  Cajun country.  We have a  wide variety of  sites and sounds to enjoy in our region.  Our units have many activities  planned all year long,  from dinner meetings to rallies and caravans.

Our region also hosts the Cajun Caravan. Pensacola, Florida Unit has a member owned campground. The East Tennessee Unit also hosts the Storytelling Rally in early October.

Are you interested in joining?  To join, simply click on this link:  WBCCI.ORG

Need more information? Give our Region 6 membership chairwoman a call or e-mail her  and she will be glad to assist you.  Scroll down for her information.

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Congratulations to Region 6 for having all Units with websites & calendars.  Access Unit, Region, & International information by clicking on the links on  the sidebar on the left side of the page.  Listed there is information on rallies, Units, caravans, unit luncheons.  The list goes on.  New viewers, search for information on joining a club, joining the International Club or looking for a Rally to attend.  Check the Google calendar for events going on in a particular club.  We hope you enjoy your visit!

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